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Floods are part of life on the river, the better you are prepared the less

time you will spend in dealing with their effects.

If there is a significant weather event such as a sustained
rainfall, a hurricane or a tropical storm approaching the East Coast then flooding will be likely.  Rain that falls up river in Perkiomen, Pottstown and Reading will have the greatest impact on the flood results down river.  Check the weather regularly to keep an eye out for these types of weather events.

This website will forecast the projected rise in the river and the timing of the crest.  Bookmark this site for easy access, understanding and using this chart will aid greatly in the forecasting river levels and timing.  This chart is dynamic, so it is important to check it regularly to understand how future levels are shaping up. 

The first part of the road to become impassable is under the stone bridge. About the same time that the river spills over its banks, the road is blocked. Each resident should note when this stretch of road is about to go under and use it as a mark for what the water level is at his or her property. Each time the river reaches that mark, it is time to evacuate vehicles.

The association maintains an emergency parking lot at the end of Schuylkill Avenue. It can accommodate one car (no recreation vehicles) per residence only if they are properly parked. Do not park on the blacktop strip, which is the exit to Schuylkill Ave. If you wish to use the lot for any other purpose, you must sign a release and indemnification agreement and obtain association approval.

There are two exits available once the road is impassable.

1) Residents may drive along the bikeway to get to Schuylkill Avenue. Access to this road is from the ramp located at #21 West Indian.

2) The Association has negotiated with the owners of the new Riverview apartments at the west end of West Indian Lane to provide access during a flood. The West Norriton police will unlock the gates along the bikeway and to the Riverview property whenever there is a threat of flood. Please keep the ramp, bikeway, and emergency exit roads clear.

Additional parking is available on nearby Brandon Road (off Schuylkill Ave. just past the golf course). For RVs, boats, and other large vehicles, we are permitted to use the Westover Country Club lot (off Schuylkill Ave.) and the Globus Medical lot (S on Trooper, L on Boulevard of the Generals to the end, R on Gen. Arnold to end, L on Gen. Armistead to end, R into last driveway). Please park away from the buildings.

To maintain good relationships with our neighbors, please remove all vehicles from the temporary parking areas as soon as the river has receded enough to allow you to park on your own property.


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Use caution when venturing into the swollen river for any reason. Once the water has risen from its banks, the current may be just as dangerous on your front lawn as it is in the middle of the river.

Don’t be foolish in risking your life for your dock or your boat.

If you must enter the water, attach a rope from yourself to some point on land.  There is always debris coming down the river which can be difficult to see and may harm you.


Secure everything in your yard to a permanent structure: propane tanks, garbage cans (empty them first), sheds, even hot tubs.

Be sure you have a way to cook and keep warm in case of loss of electricity.

Have a battery-operated radio.

Ask your neighbors about special precautions.

Help your neighbors prepare.