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The multi-use Schuylkill River Trail extends from

Center City Philadelphia to Oaks .  The section

through Port Indian is the old Pennsylvania Railroad

right-of-way.  In Philadelphia, the trail uses the

Fairmount Park trails and the Manayunk Canal Tow

Path. The trail is paved except for the tow path and

is not shared with motor vehicles except for a small

section in Manayunk.  The trail passes through Valley

Forge Park and connects to the Audubon Center. Future development will extend the trail along the entire length of the Schuylkill River for over 100 miles, from its confluence with the Delaware River to its headwaters in Schuylkill County.  From South Street to the Betzwood Bridge is about 20 miles.

The trail provides visitors a direct link to the

19-mile long Perkiomen Trail in Oaks , and will

give access to the future Cross County Trail in

Conshohocken and the future Chester Valley

Trail in Norristown.

The county has provided for the needs of Port Indian

residents by widening the pathway to 12 feet from the

entrance at our emergency lot on Schuylkill Ave. to the

ramp at 21 West Indian. Vehicles too large to pass under the railroad bridge are permitted to drive on this portion of the bikeway. Trash trucks and other routine service trucks have been granted access to the bikeway by the county. When you authorize entry to West Indian Lane for other large vehicles by way of the bikeway, be sure to clearly warn drivers of the safety hazards.

If possible, accompany all such vehicles to avoid the liability of an accident.Be very careful when entering and driving on the bikeway––bicyclists will not be expecting vehicles. Limit use to necessity and drive slowly. Cars and small trucks are not permitted except during floods. Parking is not permitted on the bikeway or its shoulders at any time.